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Habitat for Humanity Egypt

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HFH Egypt
99 Omar Ebn el-Khatab Street 3rd Floor, Ste 7 Heli
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Habitat's work in Egypt

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Country Profile

The housing need in Egypt

An estimated 20 million Egyptians live in sub-standard housing with informal housing common in both rural and urban areas. The uneven nature of economic reforms since the 1970’s has put the majority of decent housing beyond the financial means of the low and middle income classes. As a result, there is an excess of the higher priced units which contrast markedly with the severe shortage of low and middle income units.

Habitat for Humanity Egypt 

Factors such as overcrowding, poor ventilation, shared living space with livestock, lack of protection from the elements, persistent dampness and mold in mud-brick walls, and the presence of rodents and insects in the home are common in the poverty housing in Upper Egypt. The dangers associated with such living conditions include accidents, illness and disease. Diarrheal disease and acute respiratory infection are named as the leading causes of death in children under five in Egypt. The psychological and emotional stress can also be severe, with multiple families sharing as little as 45m2, anxiety and tension are high. Marital relations suffer as a result of lack of privacy and there can be negative effects on children who share the same bed as their parents or those of the opposite gender.

Habitat for Humanity in Egypt


Habitat for Humanity Egypt works in urban areas and with the poorest of the poor. To learn more about HFH Egypt’s programs download the PDF profile.


 Homeowner Rabea Abd-El Wahab Ali (born with a nerve condition which impairs his eye lids but not his eye sight) who finishes and paints vehicles, his wife Shirifa Yohia and their daughter Marwa Rabea, 1 month.

HFH Egypt addresses the need for healthy housing by offering assistance to families living at or below the poverty line. Most of these families earn their living as farmers, day laborers, and through other temporary work and so do not qualify for formal financing. HFH Egypt started in 1989 as a donor to a local non-governmental organization, offering assistance to the garbage collector community of El-Mo’tamadea. Over the last twenty years HFH Egypt has provided for the construction or major renovation of more than 16,000 houses. As a result over 96,000 people who could not otherwise afford even basic improvements to their housing are now living in simple, decent and affordable homes.

HFH Egypt works through partnerships with established non-profit and non-governmental agencies in the target communities. By utilizing the strengths of both parties, a greater impact can be made. The local partner brings their strength of local knowledge, clear view of needs, organizational infrastructure, as well as a proven track record within the community. HFH Egypt brings 20 years of housing micro-finance experience, community development training, a strong network of partners and much needed construction technical assistance. As a result of partnering, we are able to enhance each other’s programs while fulfilling the same goal; that of offering a better tomorrow for all.


Country facts

Capital :Cairo

Population :

Causes of death in children under 5:
Pneumonia: 11 %, Diarrhoea: 5 %

Rate of urbanization: 43 %


Habitat facts

When the program started: 1989

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Housing Solutions:
Housing Microfinance, Urban Housing Solutions, Poorest of the Poor, Dome Roof, Health Campaign