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Country Profile

Housing need in Honduras

Of Honduras’ population of 8.7 million, 66.5 percent of families live in poverty. More than 46 percent live in extreme poverty, and half of the population lives in rural areas where poverty reaches 75 percent. Additionally, 13 percent of the households do not have access to water and sanitation, 16 percent of the households are overcrowded, and 50 percent of the households in the rural zone do not have electricity.

The housing deficit reaches 1.1 million. Throughout the country, 750,000 houses require improvements, and over 400,000 families need a new home. For this population, gaining access to a decent home through commercial mechanisms is practically impossible. The poor are not considered a high-risk population, and therefore they are not eligible for assistance. 




Habitat for Humanity in Honduras
Habitat for Humanity started operations in Honduras in 1989 and received legal status in 1993. Its national office is in San Pedro Sula, and it has seven regional offices covering about 70 municipalities. For more information, go to habitathn.org


Habitat’s contribution in Honduras

Habitat for Humanity Honduras has committed to help communities through the construction and improvement of housing, prioritizing the most vulnerable families. Our programs:

Construction: This program serves families in need of an adequate house, with two standard models of 36 square meters and 48 square meters. We also reach those families who need to improve or finish their home through minor additions such as wooden stoves, latrines, water filters, or wooden doors and windows, or through the installation of doors and windows with a metal or synthetic screen. Finally, Grupos Solidarios is a form of credit given to a group of three to five families interested in improving or expanding their homes.

Advocacy in public policies: This is a strategic project of Habitat Honduras intended to change legal and political frameworks — the systems, practices, programs and allocation of public resources. In some cases, this advocacy is aimed at private organizations.

Training: This project entails the integral training for families who are beginning the construction process with Habitat Honduras, using two modules: “Knowing Habitat” and “Financial Literacy.”

Community development: This project allows us to promote transforming and sustainable community development, understood as a lasting change in the community, empowering the individuals, generating links, and promoting leadership and continuous work.  



Meet a Habitat family

Dany Marbella Munguía Guifarro, 38, is a primary school teacher in Tocoa and the single mother of three children.  Despite her profession, she could not gain access to housing credit through the conventional system; so she and her family she rented a home for more than 15 years.

Dany Marbella Munguía and her children

“It was very difficult in the past to get a credit in other places,” Guifarro said. “Now Habitat is making my dream and my family’s dream a reality: to be the owners of our house — the heritage for my children. This is the happiest day of our lives.”

Guifarro will live in one of the 12 houses of Project Canaan in the neighborhood of El Toronjal in Tocoa.

“I feel very happy and grateful with God for giving me this house,” she said. “All the families that will live in the neighborhood of Canaan are blessed.” 


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