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Habitat for Humanity Netherlands

Contact information

HFH Netherlands
Gatwickstraat 1
 1043 GK Amsterdam
Fax: +31 235479822
Phone: +31 (020) 800-2970

Country Profile

Habitat for Humanity the Netherlands was founded in April 1993 with the primary goal to raise funds for Habitat for Humanity’s projects globally and to recruit volunteers to build houses for people in need of decent housing worldwide. The national office is located in Haarlem, an ancient city close to Amsterdam. Its board of directors consists of members from churches, the construction industry, banking and advertising.

How Habitat for Humanity works in the Netherlands

Habitat for Humanity the Netherlands raises funds for the organization worldwide. Supported countries and projects differ from year to year. Habitat the Netherlands works with corporations to secure financial support for the projects and sends groups of volunteers to take part in the actual construction of homes alongside the future homeowners. It also partners with individual donors and development organizations.

Project support

Since 1993 Habitat for Humanity The Netherlands supported projects in more than 30 countries all over the world. In 2009, the Dutch office started supporting a 3-year long holistic housing solution project for Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Mozambique. In Nepal it supports a major project on empowering women in the process of providing eco-friendly and sustainable housing. And in Europe and Central Asia, it supports a long-term repair loan project in Kyrgyzstan, which aims to renovate entire condominium buildings. Habitat for Humanity the Netherlands also supports projects in Ghana, Lesotho, the Philippines, Indonesia, India and Haiti after the disastrous 2010 earthquake.

International volunteers

Habitat for Humanity the Netherlands is successfully sending international volunteers on build trips through the Global Village program. Volunteer teams travel to Lesotho, Zambia, India, Nepal, Guatemala, Romania and many other countries around the world. Global Village trips account for almost 33 percent on average of the fundraising revenues available for Habitat projects. On average, Habitat for Humanity the Netherlands sends out 20 teams each year.

Disaster response projects

After the Haiti earthquake in January 2010, Habitat for Humanity the Netherlands secured over $2 million to support disaster response activities on the island, through a cooperation of Dutch aid organizations and other donors. Habitat for Humanity the Netherlands has supported disaster response programs in more than 10 countries worldwide, for example in Indonesia and the Philippines.

Corporate partners

Habitat for Humanity the Netherlands is developing relations with corporate partners. These partnerships involve direct financial support and/or corporate volunteering. An important part of the success in 2011 was a large building relay with De Stiho Groep, a Dutch supplier of building materials. To mark their 85th anniversary, a large building relay of twenty Global Village trips, consisting of a total of 381 volunteers, was organized to Guatemala, India, Indonesia and Malawi. De Stiho Groep has been a very loyal supporter, starting with the celebration of their 75th anniversary in 2001 and their yearly Global Village teams in support of Habitat’s work around the globe. Habitat for Humanity the Netherlands has developed relations mainly with companies in the financial or construction industry. On average, they bring up to 25 percent of the funds for Habitat projects by taking corporate volunteering trips or making financial donations. By donating or volunteering with Habitat, Dutch companies fulfill their social responsibility.

Meet a Habitat family from Mozambique

Maria Bila (61) takes care of her 3 grandsons Marcelo (7), Paulo (8) and Absalão (12). The three lost both parents when they were still very young. The boys’ father, Bento, was Maria’s only son and had left Chonguene to seek better life in the city where he married, had three sons and later divorced. Bento got sick and as his health deteriorated, he went back to Chonguene to live with his mother. He took along his 3 sons. Less than a year later, he died leaving the ageing grandmother to look after the three boys. Maria Bila’s family was among the first to be selected as beneficiaries of the housing project. Finally her prayers for decent shelter for her and her grandsons were answered. The new Habitat house is a dream come true.


Country Facts:

Capital: Amsterdam
Population: More than 16.7 million

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Habitat facts:

Established: 1993
Funds raised in 2008/2009: More than $31 million
Number of volunteer teams sent: More than 200