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Habitat's work in Trinidad and Tobago

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Housing need in Trinidad and Tobago

Habitat for Humanity in Trinidad and Tobago tries to meet the need of housing for low-income people.  Statistics released by the country´s Ministry of Housing showed that, between 1995 and 2005, the number of housing units needed for low-income families was 48,115.

The housing demand lies mainly in the population growth. The ability to get an adequate house is worsen by the lack of will on behalf of financial institutions of providing mortgages to low-income groups. There are risks associated with unstable employment and, therefore, the possibility of payment. Some other obstacles families face when looking for a save and secure place to live are the increasing prices of houses and land, also inherited land titles are inexistent. 



Habitat for Humanity in Trinidad and Tobago

Community leaders in Trinidad and Tobago received approval open a Habitat for Humanity in 1997, supported by the Foundation of the Enranchement and Enrichment for Life (FEEL). Soon after, the keys to the first Habitat for Humanity´s house were presented to a family in Sangre Grande. Since then, Habitat Trinidad and Tobago has come to build houses from Mayaro to Río Claro and Point Fortin.

Habitat for Humanity Trinidad and Tobago is a 22 by 24- squared space. Monthly mortgage payments year period range between TT$200 (USD$36) and TT$490 (USD$49), this is covered during a during a 15-year period. The amount paid represents a much more affordable cost than the average rent. Habitat Trinidad´s construction materials are determined by the area´s context: concrete and galvanized roofs. 

As of June 2013, Habitat Trinidad and Tobago has provided 293 housing solutions, with 1320 families served and almost 4000 individuals supported by their projects in finanacial literacy, construction techniques and disaster risk reduction.


Habitat Trinidad and Tobago plan to raise US$10 million for projects over the next five years, those projects include:

  • 500 housing solutions (builds and repairs).
  • Habitat for Humanity Trinidad and Tobago ReStore, Building & Training Centre and factory to provide invaluable sustainable skills training and increase local production  of construction materials.
  • Contributions to Habitat’s regional disaster risk reduction and preparedness program, which educates and equips countries in the region to mitigate disasters enabling them to better manage and recover from the unforseen.

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