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Paper house campaign

Created by Lisa Douglass and Marilyn Scott-Waters

Kids can print, color and decorate paper houses. Mail them, along with letters to your local elected officials, and tell them you want to help families in your community live in safe and decent homes.

Create your house

paper house template design of this paper house, generously donated by Marilyn Scott-Waters, is available at

Write a letter

We have created sample letters to mail with your houses to your local elected officials. The electronic versions can be edited before printing. The handwritten version can be printed and completed by younger children. (Files are in .doc format.)

Send your letter

Find out who your elected officials are and tell them you care about housing!

Get creative

New York City Habitat for Humanity adapted the paper house project for their advocacy campaign. Remember to work in partnership with your local Habitat affiliate to best support affordable housing in your community.