Collegiate Challenge registration


Fall break (Sept. 7-Nov. 29)

Winter break (Nov. 30-Feb.7)

Spring break (Feb. 8-April 4)

Summer break (April 5-Sept. 5, 2015)


Before you register:

  • Read our frequently asked questions.
  • Choose a team leader. The team leader will be your group’s contact for the Collegiate Challenge team and the host affiliates.
    If you are sending multiple teams, please choose one person to be the contact person for all teams.
  • Check Collegiate Challenge site lists to see which host affiliates are available. Rank your top three choices.

When choosing a location, please consider:

  • Distance from home.
  • Travel costs.
  • Number of people that can be hosted.
  • Amount of affiliate contribution.

Take note of any special requirements: 

  • College or university groups only.
  • Faculty member requirements.
  • Age restrictions.
  • Teacher-to-student ratio requirements.