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Green Build

Habitat’s Description of Sustainable Building
Green building. Sustainable building. Energy-efficient building.

Whatever you call it, the need to create environmentally conscious houses is growing. According to the Global Footprint Network, humanity’s overall ecological impact is 23 percent larger than what the planet can generate. A house built with sustainability in mind not only lessens the detrimental impacts of development on the earth – it also improves our health and reduces costs and energy use.

More and more Habitat affiliates are building “greener” houses that help create sustainable communities and allow homeowners to save money with less energy use. In fact, one of the principles listed in Habitat for Humanity International’s mission statement calls Habitat to “promote transformational and sustainable community development.”

Youth Program’s Green Build site has been created to help you learn more about these issues of sustainability and green building. Scroll over our Green Build house illustration and learn how the features in this example apply the lessons of green building.