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Habitat Bingo

A fun game for youth! Habitat for Humanity Bingo uses tools on the web site for a fun twist on a classic game.

BINGO Instructions

Prepare: Print out different Bingo cards for each child plus a call sheet. Cut out the call sheet and put the squares into a hat or bowl.

Distribute: Hand out one Bingo card to each child (each card should be different).

Call: The caller should pull out one image, describe it and show it to the children.

Mark Image: The children will then place pennies, rocks, fun foam pieces or something similar on the called image if it is on their card.

Winning: Once a predetermined pattern is made on a card, the child with that pattern calls out BINGO.

Note: You will need Adobe’s free Acrobat Reader to view these files.

InstructionsCall out cardsAges 5-9Ages 10-18

Zip file containing the complete set of BINGO cards, instructions and call out cards.