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Lessons - Frequently asked questions

For which grades are the HFH lesson sets designed?
The HFH lessons have components for grades 3–5, 6–8 and 9–12.

What is the subject of the HFH lessons?
The HFH lessons focus on housing issues around the globe, particularly emphasizing issues facing low-income families. They explore the social, economic, geographic and political issues surrounding housing. Questions such as “What makes a home?” and “What are basic human needs?” are also addressed.

What are the benefits of teaching the HFH lessons?
The HFH lessons provide an interesting and dynamic way to teach cultural diversity, economics, politics and society while instilling a greater understanding and appreciation for community service in students. The HFH lessons will meet your daily learning objectives and expand students’ worldviews.

How can I get the HFH lessons?
Visit Habitat for Humanity lessons.

What types of schools are the HFH lessons developed for? Can I use the HFH lessons in a public school?
The HFH lessons can be used in public or private schools.

Habitat is a Christian organization. Do the lessons teach religious themes?
The HFH lesson sets do not teach religious themes and can be used in public schools. Habitat for Humanity is an ecumenical Christian organization that does not discriminate against homeowners, volunteers or employees on the basis of religion. The HFH lessons focus on housing issues, not Habitat’s mission, philosophy or Christian identity, and it contains no sectarian or evangelical language or themes.

What is the difference between the classrooms lessons and the Habitat activities?
The lessons are designed for academic classrooms and specifically designed to meet national content standards. They include teacher tools (e.g., worksheets, answer keys, grading rubrics, etc.) to assist the classroom teacher.

The activities are designed for a broader range—faith groups, youth clubs, chapters, affiliates, classrooms and more. The activities include additional handouts and leader instructions.

Can I use the HFH lessons outside a school classroom?
Yes. The HFH lessons have been developed for teachers’ use within a classroom setting, but can be used in different settings. The HFH lessons can be used with church groups, Boy or Girl Scouts or any other youth-serving organization.

How long do the HFH lessons take to complete?
Estimated class time used is 16 hours for elementary lessons, 15 hours for middle school lessons and 10 hours for high school lessons. The lessons in both components can be used alone, giving teachers an opportunity to use as little as an hour of class time. Extension activities are suggested to lengthen lessons, though they require additional teacher preparation.

How much preparation work do the lessons require from the teacher?
Each unit is different, but most require less than a half-hour of preparation time. The HFH lessons include a teacher’s guide, lesson plans, worksheets, reading handouts, assessments, rubrics and answer keys. Most of the teacher preparation time is for lesson familiarization and copying lesson materials for the students.

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