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Regional advocacy campaigns

Latin America and the Caribbean

Make your world a home…

I won’t wait for someone else
to tackle the problem of inadequate housing;
I have the power to change our world today.

Whether I am a student, business,
non-profit, president, father, daughter,
neighbor, community, visitor or friend…
I will never fall victim to inaction.

I will demand that my neighbors be adequately housed.
I will take up active residence in my community;
I will build it with my own two hands.

I will step up, and I will join the movement.
If an opportunity doesn’t exist, I will create it.
I will catalyze and inspire.

I will demonstrate, advocate,
educate, build, renovate, improve,
include, transform, and partner
to make the state of housing an urgent cause.

I will make our world a home…

What it means to be an [albañil] (v.)

albañil is a “bricklayer.” It is anyone who volunteers, advocates, donates or otherwise works toward the cause of adequate housing for all.

Don’t fall victim to apathy…do something today!