About us

Our vision

To serve as a place of knowledge, expertise, advice and innovation, enabling low- and very low-income families to acquire adequate housing. 

What we do

  • Facilitate collaboration between public, private and third-sector actors in the market.
  • Develop sustainable and innovative housing solutions for those who lack adequate housing.
  • Increase access to affordable shelter among lower-income populations.

Areas of practice

These major focus areas are supported by integrated outreach and knowledge management teams:

  • Affordable housing finance.
  • Water and sanitation and other basic services.
  • Disaster risk reduction and mitigation.
  • Sustainable housing and human settlements.


  • Advisory services.
  • Research and knowledge development.
  • Peer learning opportunities.

Our team

Senior global team
Global operations staff members are located at Habitat for Humanity’s U.S. headquarters.

Consultant team
Our consultants are based in different regions and work under the leadership of the senior staff. Some of our consultants are full-time Habitat for Humanity employees who provide consulting services according to a project’s complexity and their areas of expertise. Our external consultants have great experience and expertise in the different areas of our practice and have been trained in the use of our tools and methodologies.