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International Housing Finance


In developing world economies, Habitat may apply new methodologies to its existing home building model.


Habitat’s basic home building and finance model:

  • Habitat builds and rehabilitates houses alongside homeowner families.
  • Uses volunteer labor.
  • Accepts donations of money and materials.
  • Homeowner families invest a down payment, monthly mortgage payments and hundreds of hours of their own labor.

Habitat’s home building and finance model in developing world economies:

  • New and innovative housing finance programs are designed through Habitat’s partnerships with microfinance institutions.
  • Effective and suitable for very low-income families.
  • Applied where appropriate.
  • Example: “Save and Build.” Group savings are matched by Habitat funds to build houses for group members.
  • Example: “Building in Stages.” Houses are built progressively with small loans that must be paid before the next stage of the house is built.

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