CGAP Working Group about us


  • To facilitate alignment of donor interventions.
  • To serve as a learning platform for exchanging experiences within the industry of housing finance for the poor.

The value added

  • Donor coordination.
  • Diverse expertise for problem solving and establishment of practices.
  • Resource- and effort-sharing.
  • Information and technology for learning and developing innovation.

Working mechanisms

  • Work collaboratively, relying heavily upon the time of volunteer stakeholders.
  • Pursue achievable goals each year through smaller sub-groups with steering committee guidance.
  • Engage consultants to complete more intensive and technical work when appropriate and when funding is available.

Group composition

  • Open to anyone with an interest in housing finance.
  • A steering committee will guide the work and commit funds to the group’s activities.

Scope of work

  • The group will work in the field of housing finance.
  • A list of prioritized areas will be updated regularly.