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Microfinance institution partnerships

Microfinance is any financial service product that:

  • Is not a traditional mortgage.
  • Aspires to cover costs of service delivery.
  • May be provided by a bank, non-bank financial institution, cooperative, non-government organization or other legal-regulated entities.

Habitat’s role in microfinance institution partnerships:

  • Program design assistance: Assists in establishing a housing loan product.
  • Technical assistance: Assists in construction services. Helps link families or clients financed by a microfinance institute to government land, infrastructure or subsidy provided by a Habitat national program.
  • Direct investing: Transfers grants (for research) or loans (for product rollout) to microfinance institutes.
  • Investment brokering: Involved in negotiations that encourage public and private investment in microfinance institutes to expand housing finance.
  • Credit service outsourcing: Extends loans that are managed by microfinance institutes to serve Habitat partner families, clients and beneficiaries.

Microfinance institutions partnerships:

For joint research and pilot projects focused on scaling housing microfinance in Latin America and Caribbean.


Affiliates include Haiti’s largest microfinance institution, Fonkoze, and CEP, the largest microfinance institution in Vietnam.


In partnership with their local affiliate in Macedonia and the Philippines, and through a joint project aimed at AIDS orphans in three African countries.


With emerging partnerships in Afghanistan and Uganda.


With URWEGO, the largest microfinance institution in Rwanda and CREDIT in Cambodia.


Through their local Vision Finance affiliates in Peru.

Government housing agency partnerships:

  • Habitat organizations in Thailand, Brazil, the Philippines, Vietnam, Chile, Costa Rica and South Africa are partnering with government housing agencies.
  • These partnerships target subsidies and construction technical assistance toward low-income housing solutions.

SEEP Network member:

  • In addition to programmatic collaboration, the SEEP Network seeks to influence the microfinance industry so that housing becomes a standard loan product among microfinance institutions.
  • Habitat documents research and case studies, disseminates best practices and stimulates investment in housing finance for the poor.