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Program highlights

Expansion of access to housing microfinance:

  • Part of the solution for addressing substandard housing.
  • Several Habitat country offices incorporate innovative housing finance practices.
  • Partnerships with microfinance institutions provide greater access to housing microfinance.

Program highlights in housing microfinance:
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Asia Pacific region
With support from Citi Foundation, Habitat aims to help 3,000 low-income families save a total of US$2 million to strengthen homes against natural disasters in the Philippines, Vietnam and Thailand. The Citi Habitat Home Improvement Microsavings program provides technical support and advisory services to savings institutions in three countries to launch commitment savings products with housing support services for low-income people.


With help from nongovernmental organization OLC, Colombian families form savings groups and use the money for home improvements.


Microfinance institution Fonkoze works with Habitat to provide business and home improvement loans to help Haitian women support their families and improve their living conditions.


Partnership with EBS Building Society provides HFH Ireland with alternative financing to help more families move into homes.


Latin America and Caribbean
In Guatemala, Trinidad and Tobago, Colombia, Chile and the Dominican Republic, Citigroup partnered with Habitat to teach families financial literacy.


In partnership with Opportunity International, Habitat established a home improvement fund to help families renovate or repair substandard housing.


In partnership with Kadale Consultants, HFH Malawi developed a home improvement loan program.