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What does home mean to you?





It’s a question that Habitat staff are blessed to hear answers to almost daily.

We’ve heard a partner family in Georgia describe their new home as “a foundation” for their future. A teenager in Las Vegas remembers when he was 9 and his mother put in hundreds of hours of labor on a home that would create “a fresh start for my family.” In Madagascar, incrementally building a safe, stable home led to a couple’s “new beginning” and a rediscovered “hope to have a good life.”

Comfort. Security. Favorite family memories. A place for sleepovers. A place of refuge. Habitat volunteers, supporters and partner families have told us many ways they think of home.

What about you? Leave a comment and let us know: What does home mean to you?


mary lou wrote:

Home is a refuge of joy in the midst of a sometimes fearful world.

Tara wrote:

To me, "home" is the open plains of western kansas. The small community, wide open spaces, friendly and familiar faces and a sense of belonging. It is where my roots were established and where my value system was developed. It is where my family and my husband's family still reside. It is where we chose to return to raise our own family.

Betty Coreas wrote:

Home means a new chapter in my family's lives, a fresh new start, safety, security, unity. Blessed.

Tanya wrote:

I believe home is where your heart is at, not only the structure but the unity the structure brings.

Honey wrote:

Home is a place blessed, where you and your family can be secure, have all you need, and share your sadness and happiness. Where you can help each other as a family. It does not matter how big or small. I live in a small room with my two sons, and we share our thoughts.

Ellen Scott wrote:

Besides my childhood home, I have never had security or refuge for my piece of mind ever again. I hope one day to finally have a home of my own with wildlife and wilderness surrounding me and peace of heart, soul and mind to live self-sufficient and off the land. ;-)

Carl Maletic, A... wrote:

As an architect, an easy architectural program to write is that of a hospital. All spaces have a defined and knowable function. On the other hand, the architectural program of a residential structure is one of the most difficult. Why?

Because all things can and may happen in a home. It is a very special and very personal space. Home is where the living is. Home is where the sleeping is. Home is where the eating is. Home is where the rejuvenation is. Home is where the love is.


Sheron Y. Jackson wrote:

I can build a house or live in a tent -- I believe it takes the warmth, love and creativity of the people who live in the house or tent that makes it a home. I currently live in Riyadh. It is my home because I make it warm, inviting and comfortable. Home is wherever I am.

Galand Nuchols wrote:

Habitat builds a house where a family can build a home, a safe place for its members to retreat to. Where they can find support, advice, encouragement and love.


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