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What does home mean to you?





It’s a question that Habitat staff are blessed to hear answers to almost daily.

We’ve heard a partner family in Georgia describe their new home as “a foundation” for their future. A teenager in Las Vegas remembers when he was 9 and his mother put in hundreds of hours of labor on a home that would create “a fresh start for my family.” In Madagascar, incrementally building a safe, stable home led to a couple’s “new beginning” and a rediscovered “hope to have a good life.”

Comfort. Security. Favorite family memories. A place for sleepovers. A place of refuge. Habitat volunteers, supporters and partner families have told us many ways they think of home.

What about you? Leave a comment and let us know: What does home mean to you?


Rebecca Wolff wrote:

Home to my family is safety, security, love, hope, and comfort. My oldest daughter (age 8) says joy and greatness!

Rebecca Fitkin wrote:

Home to me is having the means and space to care for my family. To be able to administer medical care for my son without hospital intervention, and to provide income by working from home. Home is a huge and encompassing thing for us. Our 2yr old is 'house bound' and severely disabled. Meaning our lives are spent in our home, play, work, everything is done at home.
What a lovely program Habitat is. We are just beginning the application process and hope to qualify to become partners. Thank you!

Tracey ward wrote:

Home is a safe place where I can have the things and people I love In one place. It's a place where I dream, sing, and rest from the stress outside. It is my refuge.

Nancy Boster wrote:

Home is where my children and I can come together to seek refuge from our busy lives and reconnect with the people who love us the most, each other.

Kodi Dixon wrote:

Home is where my heart is. It does not neccesarily have to be MY house, where I reside. Family, friends, make all things comforting. Home is where I am. And loved. Home is Christmas at my mother's, drinking coffee when the kids get up to see what Santa brought. Home is a rented cabin in the mountains w/ my friends for the weekend. Home is a quiet Saturday night on the back patio with my kids. Home is where ever I am with you! Everyone has a place to call home. You are welcome in mine any time.

Karin Sturm wrote:

Home: a place where your heart is! It's not about the house itself, but about the people who share their lives together inside! It's a refuge from the outside world, and the place where God resides in us in that special place. A place to raise a family, to have the shelter from the storms of life, and to be blessed! Hoping one day, to be able to volunteer our time together, to bless those in need, just as God has blessed us. Wherever we are, together, in love, and with God, is HOME!! :D

Sarah Daignault wrote:

Home is a place where you can be yourself. It doesn't have to be stationary. You can have homes throughout the globe they are a place you feel safe, comfortable, and able to achieve the dreams you have set for yourself.

A home is different than a house. A house is just a building with materialistic things inside, but a home is where you make memories and watch yourself and your family grow.

Home is the beginning of a dream. It gives you the confidence, the safety, the tools to succeed.

Jeri Bouvette wrote:

Home is where my family it a new home in a new location or the home I grew up in. As my husband states, home is "our safe place" - a place to regroup and recharge our batteries for the next go-around!

Rebekah Elliott wrote:

Home means safety and security. It means knowing that the bed you're sleeping in tonight will be the same bed you sleep in tomorrow. It means knowing that the roof over your head will keep out the rain and that the walls around you will keep out the cold. Most of all, it's knowing that it's yours.

MaryKate Cardon wrote:

I think that home is simply wherever you're surrounded by people who love you.

Prospect Riding... wrote:

Home means to me,
Safety. A place where I am free from harm. Not only physically but emotionally. A place where I am accepted, good and bad days. Where love, acceptance and graciousness abound. Where help is always available to give and receive. Home is my refuge.

Alice Stapleton wrote:

Home is a place to celebrate, rest or grieve. However necessary, the physical structure is not the heart of a home. It is not complete without a happy family inside. Home makes us better. It gives us hope, strength and refuge. When we leave our home, we should feel collected and strong. Whether that home is made of wood, concrete, steel or mud - we all, all humankind, deserve a home - where love abides and we can always go.

Heather Gullo wrote:

Home is a place where you can love.... and fight... and come back to love in about 10 seconds flat. I am the mother of four daughters: 18 years old, 9 year old twins, and an 8 year old. My husband, mother in law and I live that every day in our HOME!

Maria K wrote:

A home to me means peace, full of love and culture! It is a place where I go for security, and where my family lays their heads down to sleep! Home sweet home!

jennifer thompson wrote:

Home to me means a safe place for u and ur family.....a place that u can come home to and be with family and enjoy each others company...and share all ur ups and downs of the day with each also means a place of security for everyone no matter what the day outside of home may bring each day! I love my family more than words and I am currently in the works of working towards a home for me and my family through habitat and what an awesome blessing habitat is!

elisa waller wrote:

Home is a gathering of energies. A place to be yourself, a place to feel weak or strong and still be supported. Home is a conversation with yourself, your home is you! A home is rooted like a tree and you are helping that home grow beautiful, safe, cozy and accepting! Home is a patchwork of your profound existence. Home is where your heart is, this home can be anywhere you make it!

Alan Stanley wrote:

Home is a place where I can prepare a meal, I can sleep soundly, knowing I have a roof over my head. Home is a place of family, of sharing, of safety. Too some home is a place of luxury, but to be real, home is a place where we really live, we share, we eat, we grow, we become part of community. Home is the foundation to our society, a place where people abide in a loving environment, to grow stronger, and to make the world better for ourselves and others.

Kelly Lynch wrote:

Home means a future. Once we had a stable home, we could think beyond where we were going to live from week to week, and we could begin to look ahead to where we wanted to go. Home is the base where everything begins. If the base is not firm, one can only live in the moment, wondering what will happen next; if the base is solid, one can think outside the moment and blaze a trail forward, knowing there will always be that safe foundation to stand on.

Matthew R Hazzard wrote:

We did not have "Home is where the Heart is" hanging on a wall in my home growing up, There are 2 plaques though, "God could not be everywhere, so He created mothers", and , "God Bless our Mobile Home", We live in a double wide, (not mobile), but perhaps the author did not mean the dwelling that we live in. I think that these phrases go together well. I think that my home is where my mom and my family are wherever they go is my home. Habitat builds places to put peoples homes in :)

Amber wrote:

Home is a place where there is love and safety. A real home is the place where you can go to live, love, laugh. A home is the place where your dreams start and once they take off you can always trace it back to your home.

Cheryll Kregear wrote:

Home is a place where you can feel safe and can keep your family safe. You can relax let your guard down and be yourself. You don't have to keep your happy face on so people won't know how stressed you are. You can be alone and cry , just spend quiet time with your kids or yourself to recharge and be able to face the next challenge.It is your comfort zone.

Marilyn wrote:

Home is love, caring, sharing, growing. A place you will always remember and what to pass all the memories on to grandkids. It's a place like no other.

Prachi Tripathi wrote:

A home is born when a house is decorated with elements of mutual love and understanding.Its ceiling holds dreams reaching to the skies and the walls contain ever-increasing love.It is a place where we have the strongest realization of our being in the joy and pain of our loved ones.A home is that place which holds appeal for us even when we return from seeing the finest sights on the face of the earth.It is like an album with photographs; it gets fuller with precious memories year after year.

Dana wrote:

Home means love and security. It is the place that I lay my head at night, the place I want to go after a tough day at work and the place that makes me feel safe and relaxed.

claudia wrote:

home means to me, that i can be who i am, that i can feel safe and welcome!

Silvia wrote:

'Home' is a feeling, an ache. Something I can cry for at night and long for at day. Home isn't a building, a roof over your head. Home won't be found in a hotel, an apartment or even my mother's house. Briefly it might seem it really can be found where the heart is, that home is what you make it, but a true home is something that's instilled in us. A memory, of love, of people, of places, that are no more. And the best we can do is hope our surroundings come close.

Tristan Richards wrote:

Home is where your walls come down.

Wayne Needoba wrote:

Home is where lots of people are together sharing and caring more about others than themselves. Its where the children learn what being responsible is between the age of 2 and 7 years and then take till they are 18 to work out why home is so much less stressful when one is responsible socially and physically.

Ruth Anne wrote:

Home to me is having my family together, sharing memories both good times and bad, four walls alone do not make a home but add people with love and memories inside this empty building and now you have a home.

Jackie Hampton wrote:

A home is a place filled with family and lots of memories whether old or new. It smells of good food, and is filled with the sounds of laughter. There's usually a friendly dog laying somewhere close by napping in a sunspot. There's a big old shade tree with a tire swing hanging from it. The grass is freshly mowed and smells like watermelon. It is the place you feel most comfortable and safe. Its a place that you always want to come back to after your travels. Home is Love!

brian k. young wrote:

my home needs to be a place of hospitality, of welcome, wholesomeness.

Tracy wrote:

Home is a safe & loving place for me and my family that we know that its ours.

Kathy Strout wrote:

Only 3 words: safety, security, stability.

Aminah SR wrote:

Home is the hearth...a container of memories, a vessel of culture, belief, and knowledge. A pillar of strength, courage, and wisdom. Home is the backbone of growth and a stimulus for encouragement when the world outside becomes unbearable. It is a healing shelter of cherished ritual that becomes an extension of your being. Home is not always stationary -- it can be mobile, temporal, yet special in that it harmonizes with our being and remains indelibly within our hearts.

Lizz wrote:

Home is where friends gather, families grow, and dreams become memories.

Tammy wrote:

Home is where your heart is or has been. It is where we are safe, it is where we are loved for just being ourselves. Home is the memories that we store inside our hearts and the people we shared those memories with.

Thomas Anderson wrote:

I'm a 36-year-old blind man raising three kids on my own. What does home mean to me? It means that my kids have a safe place to lay their head every night and a place of space to call their own. To hear their laughter and songs of joy. Some day I pray to God that he will send an angel from heaven to help me out to get a home for me and my babies. They are my life, the reason our Lord God knows I am forever at his mercy. What does a Home to me mean? It means LOVE.

Amy wrote:

No matter what you call home. It is a feeling you feel in your heart that you cannot explain.

Corina Urquhart wrote:

If I close my eyes, I walk through my home without stumbling into things. I know every piece of furniture, every wall, every corner that exists there. Yet, I feel my home also knows me. It’s seen testimony within its walls of every ounce of love, every angry outburst, every bit of fear, and every celebration that our family has shared over the years. A home is more than building materials that shelter us from earthly elements. It allows us to be a genuine family and institute self-respect.





Chad wrote:

Since 2007, I've built four homes with Habitat for Humanity families. The common thread binding each family was each home became these families' base for everything -- faith, hope, family, school, fellowship, even future struggles and conquests. Home gave these four great families a relief from the stresses of unsuitable or dangerous living conditions so they could focus on what's next, not just what's now.

Emet wrote:

It can be anywhere and represent unity, belongingness even a new start. But to me it is a structure that is always being repaired and rebuilt regardless of storms and hurricanes or a little rain. Home to me is love unconditionally from those that care the most whether it be family, friends or the community. It is exciting times and memories that don't need photos to remember them. It's like faith, but you can see it and always know it's there.

Marlene Phillips wrote:

Growing up home was a walk up apartment above a store. In the affluent area where we lived I was the only child I knew who lived like that. Yet I realized even when I was very young that our walk up apartment embodied home, in some ways more than the lovely houses around me. Our apartment had my mother and my father, it had a tiny half of a room that was all mine, lots of good books to read, political discussions around the dinner table, and was always full of love. It was ours. It was home.

Christina wrote:

A home means a safe place, that you know you can always go to to relax. A place that you can call your own and enjoy family and friends.

Priscillia Munn wrote:

Home is a place where your heart is. Where love exists. No fear, no hate or anything negative is allowed. It does not have to be luxurious, expansive - all the money in this world cannot buy love or good moments with friends, loved ones and family. Contentment is being happy with what you have - that's when you're home and your heart is at peace; filled with love.

Sandy wrote:

Home means security and safety. It means not being awakened at night from your downstairs neighbor's garage door opening. It means not having neighbors looking directly into your windows from theirs....or having to listen to their arguments. It means having your own space. An affordable home means also having enough money left over each month to buy food. Home means being able to breathe, relax, and dream.

thomas p ryan wrote:

A home means a stable foundation. When I was a little kid, my parents never had their own place. With 5 kids my dad worked 7 days a week 12 hours a day; mom worked off and on. We went from one place to another. I can remember one place we lived in had no bathroom, the windows were missing, the walls no better, there were holes in them. 16yrs ago I started helping Habitat and will always help people in need. God bless and thanks. P.S. Dad, you're the best, will always remember you!

Linda wrote:

Home. Home is a safe haven and a comfort zone. A place to live with our families and pets and enjoy with friends. A place to build memories as well as a way to build future wealth. A place where we can truly just be ourselves. And whether our houses are big, small, fancy or modest, they are our shelters and our sanctuaries. Home.

Marisa Cox wrote:

Home means a privacy to me. The chance to enjoy friends and family. I love to be home. My wish is that nobody goes without a home. xoxo

Lyra Legend wrote:

Home is the root system of life. It is the very foundation and stability in which we regenerate our lives, our hope and our love. It is the safe haven from troubles of the world and the protection that we run to at the end of the day.


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