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A year later

Carter Work Project 2012: Saturday’s theme

Photo by Dominique Rattner

Since Carter Work Project volunteers were last in Haiti, government has stabilized, rubble piles have been reduced, and thousands of people have moved from camps to more durable shelter. Progress is visible. 

However, some 400,000 people still live in camp, and development projects have been hampered because they cannot legally document the rights to the property. 

Habitat has been working to clarify land tenure through the Haiti Property Law Working Group. The organization recently released its first manual and has initiated a community-upgrading project in Simon-Pelé, improving the living conditions of nearly 30,000 people. 

At the Carter Work Project site in Léogâne, families have moved in and are turning their new houses into homes. Some entrepreneurial families have begun small businesses, and many have planted small gardens. 

Concrete sanitary units consisting of a toilet and shower, water points and solar-powered streetlights have added to the quality of life and security of the Santo community. 

Efforts are now under way to assist families with sustainable, income-generating opportunities and provide microfinance assistance for home improvements.