Memorable moments
with the Carters

Journey through these memorable build site moments with two of Habitat’s greatest supporters, leaders and hands-on volunteers.

In addition to building, the Carters have been spirited housing advocates, helping shine a light on the global need for decent, affordable housing.

Jimmy Carter speaking to a crowd; he's wearing a navy suit and holding a microphone with a brick
Black and white photo close-up of President Carter kissing a baby on her cheek.
A portrait of The Carters in 1984; they're sitting on a porch together, at-ease.
President Carter on the porch o a build site smiling with a volunteer, taking a moment from building to talk.
President Carter painting a porch roof, wearing a cap and red bandana.
President and Mrs. Carter holding shovels and helping start the build as they dig the foundation.
A photo of President Carter holding a child, smiling in a crowd who's raising their arms in celebration.
President Carter smiling at someone off camera, standing framed by a window on a build site.
The Carters standing together on a build site, laughing together as they take a moment from building.
The Carters looking down from a window, smiling. The photo is from 1988.
President Carter in a hat and bandana, bending over to work on helping pave the foundation.
Black and white photo of the Carters inside a home under construction, Rosalynn is in the foreground and President Carter is hammering in the background.
President Carter holding the hands of a homeowner as they talk and laugh, taking a moment during a build.
Black and white photo of President Carter hammering.
Rosalynn Carter painting a windowsill, framed by the window.
President and Mrs. Carter working together on hammering a piece of lumber.