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An introduction to the themes of the 2012 Carter Work Project

Stand up with Haiti. Speak up for housing.

Photo by Dominique Rattner

Each day of the 29th annual Jimmy & Rosalynn Carter Work Project will focus on one theme. 
As a volunteer, sponsor, or supporter, you will have opportunities to learn about and participate in these themes that are critical to Habitat’s work.

Upon returning home, you will be encouraged to take further action and continue to stand up with Haiti and speak up for housing.

An introduction to the themes

  • Saturday: A year later
    Since Carter Work Project volunteers were last in Haiti, government has stabilized, rubble piles have been reduced, and thousands of people have moved from camps to more durable shelter. Progress is visible.
  • Sunday: One step at a time
    Have you ever thought about how the poor around the world build or add on to their houses?
  • Monday: Pathways to permanence
    Although immediate relief is necessary in a disaster situation, creating a pathway to permanence requires looking beyond initial efforts to the long-term needs of a country.
  • Tuesday: Housing and health
    A safe and secure home provides more than just shelter from nature’s harshest elements.
  • Wednesday: The power of volunteerism
    Although volunteerism is a key component in Habitat for Humanity’s work, the massive need for local jobs has led us to limit the use of volunteers in Haiti since the earthquake.
  • Thursday: Housing the bottom billion
    More than a billion people — one-sixth of the world’s population — live in slums in abysmal housing without adequate access to clean water and sanitation.

Themes of the 2011 Carter Work Project: 
Daily fact sheets (zip file)