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Videos and photos from the 2012 Carter Work Project


Haitian homeowners who were a part of last year’s Jimmy & Rosalynn Carter Work Project greeted nearly 600 volunteers as they returned with a goal to build 100 homes in a week. 

New houses and new friendships took shape as the Carter Work Project continued in Haiti. Antonia St. Germain, a Habitat homeowner from 2011, entertained the builders by singing a Creole hymn.


2012 house photos (Slideshow) 
Photos of volunteers and newly-built homes from the 2012 Carter Work Project. 

What they brought (Slideshow)
Among the usual tools, some surprising items found their way to the work site in Santo this week. 

A family affair (Slideshow)
At this year’s event, several families are spending quality time together while helping others. 

Reunions in Santo (Slideshow)
Five memorable reunions that have taken place at this year’s Carter Work Project in Haiti.