Georges Antoine and family

Georges Antoine and his wife, Zephirin Ketlie, will welcome their first baby in November, just as they’re starting their new life in a safe, decent house.

Georges, 28, works as a mason with Habitat for Humanity Haiti, helping to build foundations for 100 houses that will be part of the 2012 Jimmy & Rosalynn Carter Work Project.

Since the January 2010 earthquake, Georges and Zephirin have been living in a tent. The conditions are bearable, he says, because now there is an end in sight.

“We had nowhere else to go,” he says. “We will live better with our new baby in a new house.”

Beyond the universal instinct to provide better for his children, Georges is eager to move past the shame of living in a tent.

“I’m looking forward to having a place where I can bring friends,” he says. “You see where I live. I can’t bring friends here.

“It will be a better life in a new house.”