Murat Aubin and family

Murat Aubin, 30, and his wife moved from a threadbare tent into a safe, decent house in the Santo community in February 2012.

“I cannot compare this house to how we were living before,” Murat says. “By noon, the tent would be boiling inside. You could not stay inside for one minute. Now, we are comfortable even in the summer. And we are safe.”

The Aubins have a 4-year-old daughter, Lauryn — named after popular U.S. singer Lauryn Hill — who loves to draw and tell stories.

“She is very intelligent,” says the proud father. The Aubins are expecting their second child in November.

The safety and security of a house has given them renewed confidence in themselves and their community. They are saving money to start their own small business in downtown Léogâne, so they can provide a brighter future for their children.

Meanwhile, they have transformed the small plot of land surrounding their house into a garden brimming with flowers, beans, corn and several fruit trees. They eat all the food they need, and then share the rest with their new neighbors in Santo.

“My dream for this community is to see it grow, so that more families will have houses — and hope,” Murat says. “I want to take care of my family, and it feels possible now.”