Rocher Davidson and family

Before the 2010 earthquake, Rocher Davidson worked as a salesman for Voila, a major telephone company in Haiti, and lived in a rented house in Santo.

“My house collapsed, and since then, I have made my home under these tarps,” he says quietly.

While his wife is away tending to a sick relative, Rocher, 22, does his best to keep their shelter upright.

“I have to change out the tarps every now and then because of the sun and rain,” Rocher says. “It’s a horrible way to live. The hardest part is when it rains.”

In November, Rocher and his wife will be one of 100 families moving into houses being built at this year’s Jimmy & Rosalynn Carter Work Project.

“Life will be much, much better with a house,” he says.

In a house, he says, he will no longer have to worry about thieves stealing what few possessions he and his wife have whenever they leave their tent unattended.

He is eager to find permanent work and provide a better future for his family.