The Jimmy Carter Work Project
A Pictorial History 1984-1989

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New York City

The first weeklong Jimmy Carter Work Project was in September 1984, with the former president and Mrs. Carter joined by dozens of volunteers in the renovation of a six-story, 19-unit apartment building. They returned in July 1985 to complete the work.

June 1986
Chicago, Ill.

About 150 volunteers -- working under rainy conditions -- built a four-unit townhouse during this JCWP week.

July 1987
Charlotte, N.C.

The Carters were joined by 235 volunteers in the construction of 14 houses in Charlotte's Optimist Park area. This marked the first year the JCWP was held in tandem with a worldwide House- Raising Week. An estimated 250-300 homes were begun or under construction during House-Raising Week '87.

June 1988
Philadelphia, Pa.,
and Atlanta, Ga.

President and Mrs. Carter, along with 200 volunteers, renovated a 10-unit rowhouse in a section of North Philadelphia. At the same time, the Jimmy Carter Work Project drew 1,000 volunteers and saw the completion of 20 houses in Atlanta. An estimated 200 homes were begun, built or rehabbed during House-Raising Week '88.

June 1989
Milwaukee, Wis.

The Carters joined nearly 1,000 volunteers to complete six new homes and renovate eight others. House-Raising Week '89 drew the participation of 180 affiliated and 14 sponsored projects, resulting in the startup, completion or renovation of nearly 500 homes.

More JCWP Overviews: 1990-93 | 1994-96 | 1997 | 1998 | 1999 | 2000 | 2001 | 2002

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