President and Mrs. Carter joined about 2,000 other volunteers at the Maragondon building site for morning devotions Monday.
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Philippines Fact #2:

Summer in the Philippines begins in March and is marked by hot, humid, rainless days.

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Carters Work Alongside Current and Former Presidents of Philippines, Launching JCWP 1999

MARAGONDON, Philippines (March 22, 1999) -- This year's Jimmy Carter Work Project was launched on a hymn and a prayer Monday morning at six building sites throughout the island nation of the Philippines.

Habitat for Humanity International President Millard Fuller made the surprising announcement Monday that the total number of houses to be built this week has risen to 293. A mere 250, by far a record surpassing any previous JCWP, had been planned.

"What a great work God is doing through all of these volunteers -- 10,000 volunteers from 32 nations around the world," Fuller said.

"This is not only the largest and most ambitious Jimmy Carter Work Project in our history," said former President Jimmy Carter, smiling broadly, "I believe it is going to be the best!"

The houses to be built this week are of simple Filipino design: 25 square meters to 30 square meters in floor space. They are being constructed of concrete block and mortar on concrete slabs, with louvered glass windows and galvanized metal roofs.

Philippines President Joseph "Erap" Estrada visited the largest Habitat build site Monday, joining President Carter and Rosalynn Carter in House No. 6, which is being built in partnership with the Salas family. After 15 minutes, President Estrada, along with every other volunteer, was sweating profusely in the tropical heat. Former Philippines President Fidel Ramos, greeting friends, chewing on a cigar and wearing shorts, spent much of the day working on an adjacent house after greeting President Carter.

At the end of the day, JCWP Project Manager Rick Hathaway said good progress had been made on all sites throughout the Philippines. Volunteers will be back at work Tuesday morning by 6 a.m.

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