More than 150 reporters, camera crew members, TV personalities and editors were accredited to cover the Jimmy Carter Work Project at the Maragondon work site.
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Philippines Fact #3:

More than 10,000 bottles of drinking water were consumed Monday at the largest building site in the Philippines (Maragondon, Cavite), where temperatures topped 93 degrees by mid-afternoon.

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Carters Work Alongside Current and Former Presidents of Philippines

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Filipino Media Tenacious in Coverage of JCWP 1999

MARAGONDON, Philippines (March 22, 1999) -- The American media are known worldwide for their aggressive behavior in pursuit of a story, but they are no more tenacious than the press in the Philippines.

On Monday at the Habitat build site in Maragondon, Cavite, Philippines, more than 150 journalists jockeyed for position behind picket fences. The fences are designed to keep them from disrupting construction on House No. 6, where President Jimmy Carter, Mrs. Carter and Habitat Founder and President Millard Fuller were working with the Salas family to bring up the walls on their new home.

Many photographers, camera crews and reporters became impatient with the restrictions, pleading for permission to crowd into house No. 6. The U.S. Secret Service, along with Habitat media staff, were kept on their toes as journalists tried every trick in the book.

One enterprising camera crew attached itself to former President Fidel Ramos and followed him to House No. 5, almost getting inside before they were recognized and sent away.

But the crowning achievement belonged to a reporter for The Manila Standard newspaper, who ditched his notepad and camera, signed up as a volunteer and eventually became part of the crew working on House No. 6. He made no demands, took no pictures, and in fact worked as hard as any other volunteer on the site, unrecognized until very late in the day.

We're looking forward to reading his account in the morning paper.

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