Indianapolis Life employee Joel Jennings smiles near the end of a hot, humid day of hard work at the Maragondon build site.
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The Philippine islands stretch 1,500 miles (2,400 km) in length.

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Metropolis Volunteer Brings Large Team, "Superman" Award

MARAGONDON, Philippines (March 23, 1999) -- One of the biggest and most cohesive teams on the largest JCWP '99 build site is made up of employees and relatives of Indianapolis Life, which is sponsoring three houses and brought 30 volunteers.

Joel Jennings smiled effortlessly Tuesday as he carried empty buckets to the mortar-mixing spot nearest the house he was building. "This is my first experience with a JCWP," said Jennings, who was wearing the trademark Indianapolis JCWP T-shirt.

Jennings' home is in Metropolis, Ill., "hometown of Superman," he said. "In fact, I brought a Superman Award to President Carter from our Chamber of Commerce. I can think of no one who epitomizes truth, justice and the American way more than he does," Jennings said.

Jennings' crew is working alongside members of the family who will own the home when it is finished Friday.

"The family has been great," Jennings said. "It's a young family with two small children. The husband took a day off from his job and worked with us hard all day. They're just very sweet people."

About the sheer size and scope of JCWP '99, Jennings said: "I came here expecting to build a house. But we're building a town!"

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