JCWP volunteers began construction on these 100 house sites in Maragondon, Philippines, on Monday morning.
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Philippines Fact #4:

Only one of every six families in the Philippines owns their own home.

A Canadian volunteer adjusts his national flag as this house crew reaches the "top beam:" the last brick-and-mortar work to be done before attaching wooden trusses and galvanized metal roofs.
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Tuesday, March 23, 1999 -- The Philippines

Carter, 75, Sets Pace Early Tuesday Morning

To beat the tropical heat (the high Tuesday was 90 degrees), crews started almost two hours earlier than usual and postponed devotions until noon. Former U.S. President Carter began work by daybreak.

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Metropolis Volunteer Brings Large Team, "Superman" Award

"I can think of no one who epitomizes truth, justice and the American way more than [Carter] does," said volunteer Joel Jennings of Metropolis, Ill., one of 30 JCWP volunteers from the Indianapolis Life insurance company.

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Heard on the Work Site:

"Jesus was a carpenter... so it seems appropriate to emulate what he did during his life."
-- Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter

"The best thing they've had yet was the rice cake they gave out this afternoon, with the coconut on it. It was sweet, man, it was great!"
-- A JCWP volunteer, on a bus after the day's work.

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