Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter shows former Philippines President Corazon Aquino the progress being made at the Maragondon JCWP build site.
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Philippines Fact #7:

Mountains cover 65 percent of the Philippine Islands. Most of the country's population lives along the narrow coastal lowlands.

Mariko Asano, volunteer from Japan, trowels concrete between the blocks of the Youth of the World house, 1999 Jimmy Carter Work Project, Maragondon site.
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Wednesday, March 24, 1999 -- The Philippines

A Guide to the Six 1999 JCWP Build Sites:

Bacolod City

Habitat's low payment schedule helps Bacolod City families make ends meet while riding out an economic downturn caused by the area's struggling sugar industry.

Dumaguete City

Quality, affordable housing is what Dumaguete City needs most. And, this week, that's what it's getting.

General Santos City

During the past few decades, General Santos City has boomed. So has the local Habitat affiliate, which already has built over 400 houses in the area.


Former U.S President Jimmy Carter and his wife Rosalynn are two of the many JCWP volunteers building 100 houses at the Maragondon site this week.


Geographically, Paranaque is to Manila what Brooklyn is to New York City. Both lie about 10 miles south of the metropolis' downtown skyscrapers. Both are densely populated.


Though rich in natural beauty, Tagbilaran City is poor economically, with more than half the city's 70,000 residents living in poverty.

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