Building On Faith Week Underway Worldwide

With 10,000 homes in progress worldwide, Habitat for Humanity International's (HFHI) annual Building On Faith Week, September 11-17, is drawing unprecedented support from people of faith throughout the world.

"All over the world people are setting aside their religious differences and breaking common ground," said HFHI Founder and President Millard Fuller. "We're using a hammer to manifest God's love."

Each September, HFHI celebrates the vital importance of its partnerships with religious groups. During Building on Faith week, Habitat affiliates, churches and other faith communities around the world simultaneously build houses as a witness to the power of God's love.

This year, Habitat for Humanity New York City is leading the way, as the Building on Faith 2000 celebration is being held concurrently with the Jimmy Carter Work Project. Some 150 Christian, Jewish and Muslim congregations have donated time and funds necessary to build 22 houses in NYC and 100 houses in Africa and Central America.

Building on Faith week will close with worship services all around the world on Sept. 17, the International Day of Prayer and Action for Human Habitat. This day is set aside each year to encourage churches to pray for those in need of shelter and guidance in what God would have them do to help eradicate substandard housing.

Here are some other communities building on faith this week:

United States

  • Knoxville (Tenn.) HFH is building 20 houses over the course of this week. Two web cams are providing live photos of building activity.

  • In North Fort Myers, Fla., HFH Lee County has 31 houses under construction.

  • Peninsula HFH in Menlo Park, Calif., is building seven townhouses in 10 days, part of the affiliate's annual "Raising the Roof" event.

  • Volunteers with HFH Lubbock (Texas) are hard at work on 20 houses.

    Around the World

  • On September 15, HFH affiliates across the Philippines will begin construction on more than 100 houses, working with church volunteer groups nationwide.

  • Guatemalan affiliates are building 106 houses this week, with 140 churches lending their support.

  • HFH Central African Republic is training local masons and carpenters, building one foundation in Bangui City and producing thousands of pressed and baked bricks for the house.

    --staff reports

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