JCWP 2001: Photo
World Leaders Build

, Korea

10 August 2001




  "Thousands of volunteers gathered at the JCWP work site in Asan on Friday evening to celebrate a culmination the previous five days' efforts. Dr. Chung Kun Mo, chairman of HFH Korea, took the stage to pay tribute to the volunteers and homeowners. "These new homes are the result of homeowners' sweat equity, the dedicated service of volunteers and the generous gifts of domestic and international donors," he said. "With JCWP 2001, HFH Korea moves into a new era. The result of JCWP 2001 could culminate into national reconciliation and lasting peace. The Habitat movement will continue with added meaningfulness and at a faster pace."

Together with 78 homeowner families, volunteers completed 80 units at the Asan site, while volunteers at five other sites throughout South Korea completed 56 additional units.

The theme of "reconciliation" was a common thread throughout the evening, especially as those gathered together at the "Village of Reconciliation" represented more than 20 nations."

"One word I've heard in South Korea more than any other word is reconciliation," said former U.S. President Jimmy Carter. "I look on Habitat for Humanity as a movement for reconciliation, a breaking down of barriers between those who might be different ... between people in good housing and people in poor housing, between the rich and the poor. Reconciliation is a matter of binding those who are different with the love of Jesus Christ."

Between speeches, entertainment ranged from recent video clips to an aria sung by a Romanian volunteer that had the crowd cheering for more.

As floodlights faded from the stage, thousands of candles passed from person to person, illuminating the starless sky. Against a backdrop of the Kwang Duk Mountains, fireworks added brilliance to the firmament. And as volunteers of many nations joined hands and sang, the loud-speakers played, "Hand in hand we stand, all across the land. We can make this world a better place for you and me."


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