Two houses were completed at the JCWP site during a "test build" held in March. These houses give a glimpse of what the new neighborhood will look like. Photo by Kim MacDonald..

On the left, houses -- each surrounded with scaffolding -- are ready for thousands of volunteers. Each metal shipping container (seen on the right) holds enough building materials for five houses.
Photo by Kim MacDonald.

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JCWP Site Ready for 100-House Blitz Build

Just before today's beginning of the Jimmy Carter Work Project 2002, the site was ready. The calm and orderly scene belies the months of frenzied preparation makes it possible for thousands of volunteers to arrive on Monday, June 3, and blitz build 100 houses in just five days. Eventually, this tract of land will hold up to 300 houses, plus community facilities, but that lies in the future. Until Monday's influx of volunteers and acitivity, this is what it looked like:

-- Metal scaffolding encloses each of the 100 JCWP building sites.

-- Cement foundation slabs are poured.

-- Across from the house where Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter will work, a worker puts the finishing touches on a yellow block house with a red-tile roof. It will be used as a rest area for volunteers working on the Carter house, the future home of Mambo Mkhize, his wife and their two children.

-- Twenty enormous metal containers are packed with enough building materials for five houses each.

-- Huge tents wait for thousands of volunteers who will be served three meals a day on site, starting before dawn.


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