Homeowner Emmanuel Mazwi house #922
Photo by Ginny Dixon

Homeowner Jennifer Mhlangu carrying roof tiles for her house #969.
Photos by Kim MacDonald

Tuesday June 4, 2002

Desiree Moody
Until recently, Desiree Moody was unemployed with two children to support. Now she is a happy lady because she has found work and will soon be a homeowner. Desiree says she had never done construction work before working on her new house, but it didn’t take long for her to master some skills. She thanks Habitat for Humanity for the opportunity to own her own home.

Donovan Niemack
Thirty-five-year-old Donovan Niemack says that owning a house will give him a sense of achievement, security and family stability. He hopes his children will be proud of their parent’s achievements. Aside from spending time with his wife and children, Donovan enjoys soccer and swimming.

Dudu Nzimande
After renting for more than 10 years, Dudu Nzimande and her two daughters are excited to be able to buy a house of their own. Dudu says Habitat for Humanity makes it possible for her to both pay for her house and support her children, who are both in school.

Dumisani Gumede
Dumisani Gumede lives in a shack near a small stream with his two children. He works as a car mechanic and confides that his ambition is to be the best mechanic in Durban. Dumisani says he is a man of God and likes to see other people progressing all the time.

Dumisani Mzobe
Forty-five-year-old Dumisani Mzobe, his wife and five children are excited about working toward a decent affordable house through Habitat for Humanity. He says he fully believes that the "sweat equity" approach is a fair and positive way to earn a house and he is anticipating the build and its challenges. He believes it will cause homeowners to value their properties more.

Elsie N. Kuboni
Originally from Umzimkulu, Elsie Kuboni is 40 years old and the mother of four children. She is very happy because she is going to get a house. In her spare time, Elsie enjoys going to church.

Emily Chiliza
Emily is a 40-year-old lady and has one child. She prayed that God help her to find a shelter and credits God’s help that she will soon be one of the proud owners of a Habitat for Humanity house. Emily says the best part about working together is to see the joy in people faces in achieving one goal.

Emma Louis
Emma Louis is 43 years old and has never married. She says there is nothing worse than moving from place to place, looking for a place to stay and thinking about how much you earn and whether or not you are going to afford it. Her partnership with Habitat for Humanity has put her mind at rest.

Emmanuel Mazwi
Emmanuel has worked as a driver for the Golden Gateway Mentally Handicapped School for the last seven years. He and his wife and child lived in a rented house for R450 (about $45US), but Emmanuel struggled to pay that amount and looked for something more affordable. Three years ago, he bought a very cheap shack near Lamontville, a township on the outskirts of Durban. Later, he discovered the reason for the surprisingly cheap price of the house. During the rains a large pipe next to the front door started leaking and flooding the house—with sewage. For the Mazwis, Habitat for Humanity offers something they once thought was impossible—a decent place to live that they can also afford.

Estelle Jonathan
Estelle is a quiet lady and she enjoys helping others in need. She came from a family of eight children and left school when she was 16 to help support the family. In those years she learned that achievement comes through commitment and hard work. She looks forward to making a new home for her two children.

Eugene Bowers
Eugene has always wanted to own a house, but it seemed impossible since she and her children have struggled to live on one paycheck since her divorce. She gave up most "extras" in life but has been helped by her employer and by spiritual support from the church and other Christian friends.

Evelyna Sontangane
Evelyna’s greatest concern was to take care of her two children, which she managed to do under very challenging conditions. Seeing them today as grown ups—married, studying and honoring her—is the most rewarding part of her life.
Evelyna is also excited about her partnership with Habitat for Humanity. "The good part is that Habitat for Humanity are people who are willing to help other people by providing the basic needs in life," she says. "To me, they are the people who know what South Africans want. Habitat for Humanity gives us love and shelter."

Friedah Nkomo
Friedah Nkomo is 43 years old. She has never owned much in her life, let alone a house, so she is very happy to have been chosen as one of the 100 homeowners whose houses will be built during the Jimmy Carter Work Project. She is employed as a domestic worker and is very proud of the work she does.

Geminah Tlajoane
Geminah Tlajoane says the biggest challenge in her life was when family problems prevented her from finishing school. She started working at a young age, which put an end to some of her hopes for the future. These days she says some of that hope is restored because, thanks to Habitat for Humanity, she is going to own her own house.

Graham Winaar
Graham Winaar is a 23-year-old security guard, and he and his wife have one child. He says that partnering with Habitat for Humanity has created an opportunity for him that he never thought would be possible—owning a house. More than anything, he looks forward to knowing that his family will be safe in their new home.

Hammilton Mngoma
Hammilton Mngoma is a pastor of his church in Lamontville, a township outside Durban. For the past 12 years, Hammilton, his wife and children have lived at a squatter camp in a makeshift house made entirely of iron roofing. The house is a pressure cooker in the summer months and cold in the winter. Looking forward to their new home and life, Hammilton says, "Our day has finally come."

Jacob Boyi Xulu
After reading the sports section of the newspaper, Jacob Boyi Xulu saw something that caught his eye. It was an invitation to all people who had never owned a house before to come forward and apply for a partnership with Habitat for Humanity. He thought he was dreaming, but it was a reality. After months of hard work preparing to own their own house, Jacob, his wife and three children are ready to see their dream come true.

Jeffrey Mhlangu
Jeffrey Mhlangu says the two things he enjoys doing when he is not working are gardening and going to church. The gardening will be far more rewarding when he and his family—he has a wife, Jennifer Mhlangu, and four children—move from the shack where they are currently staying to their new Habitat for Humanity house.

Jennifer Nhlabathi
Jennifer and her husband married two years ago and have one child. Since moving to Durban, the family has paid high rents and thought they could not afford to buy a place of their own. Speaking of her partnership with Habitat for Humanity, Jennifer says, "The Lord has answered my prayers, at last. Now I am going to own my own house."

Joyce Gumede
The single mother of three children, Joyce says she’s had a problem of not approaching people in a positive manner. Since she has been attending the Habitat for Humanity homeowner education meetings and taking part in the building, she has changed in the sense that she can work better with people.


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