Homeowner Patience Lisa at work on her new home #913

Homeowners Mambo and Juliette Mkhize, owners of house #1000 which Pres. and Mrs. Carter are volunteering on.



Friday, June 7, 2002

Shongile Dube
In addition to her two children, Shongile Dube supports her mother. In turn, her mother helps Shongile look after the children. Shongile says there is nothing that will put her mind at rest more than knowing that she has a home of her own to shelter her family.

Sibongile Malwandla
Sibongile will never forget May 10, 2001. When she came home from work, she found her house in ashes, her father and eldest daughter dead inside. The material that she had been buying bit by bit in order to build a new house was also in ashes. It was determined later that the fire was arson.

Sibongile resolved to not be defeated by the tragedy and redoubled her efforts to find a safe neighborhood in which to build a new house. Sibongile is hoping and praying that being surrounded by new people in a safe community will help ease the sad memories of the last year.

Sbongile Zondi
Sbongile Zondi never thought she would be clearing land, digging and lifting blocks every Saturday for many months in order to qualify for her own house. But, she says, “It has all been worthwhile because now I am one of the people who are getting houses in June. No more will I have to pay rents that are too high for overcrowded flats. My children can grow up in a safe area without the constant crime that troubled us [where we used to live].”

Sifiso Bhengu
In his quest for a house of his own, Sifiso Bhengu followed the example of his role model, Nelson Mandela, who he says inspired him by not giving up until he achieved his goals.

Silestia Manzini
The single mother of two children, Silestia Manzini works at a shoe store. She currently rents a bedroom in someone else’s house. She says she is tired of paying rent and will be glad to know her money will be going for her own house.

Sindisiwe N. Gcwensa
Sindisiwe and her family have moved from one derelict shelter to another, troubled by flooded floors, swarming insects and hunger. “Throughout my life I have been a person who is struggling to find shelter,” she says. “I thank those people who told us about Habitat for Humanity, who gave me—and the others like me—a chance to have a house of my own.”
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Siphiwe Hlanga
Siphiwe Hlanga is a steel engineer who currently lives with his brother’s family. He says that Habitat for Humanity provided him with a solution to renting by allowing him to buy a house with affordable monthly payments. He also enjoys the team spirit and teamwork aspect of Habitat for Humanity.

Sikhumbuzo Mthembu
Skhumbuzo Mthembu and his wife have four children, and he works as a machine operator. A very quiet and a reserved man, Skhumbuzo says Habitat for Humanity’s homeowner meetings have helped him get to know people and share his ideas in a supportive environment.

Sthembile Dlamini
Sthembile Dlamini is the mother of three children. She works as an assembler at a factory and is a Sunday school teacher. She and her family moved to Durban to escape the violence that claimed the lives of her grandmother and younger brother. She expresses relief at feeling like her family will be safe in their new neighborhood and confidence in the quality of her new house: “Now when it rains I won’t be scared anymore.”

Sylvia Zoleka Mbebe
Sylvia Mbebe is a widow who is raising her two daughters and caring for her sick mother. She works as a machinist. She has struggled with high monthly rents and says that it will be an answer to her prayers to move into her new house in June.

Thandazile Dladla
After her divorce, Thandazile Dladla decided to put her sewing skills to work and started her own business as a fashion designer, which she says has taken her mind off her worries and earns a living. She says that getting a Habitat for Humanity house will bring joy and dignity to her life.

Thembekile Ngcobo
Thembekile Ngcobo and her child currently share accommodations with her mother, siblings and two nephews. She says that in the months that she has attended meetings with other future homeowners, she has learned to share her ideas with others. In addition to singing in her church choir, Thembekile is a skilled cook and enjoys reading.

Thembi Ngubane
Thembi Ngubane and her child will soon move into their new house, which she says comes as a relief. Thembi says her role model is her employer, whom she says has taught her how to live a simple life, and how to be an understanding person and make friends.

Thokozani Zondi
At present, Thokozani Zondi is living in such a small room that she cannot have her children live with her. She says, “I can’t wait to have my own home and to also live with my children. The day I receive a Habitat for Humanity house, I will find freedom in the world.”

Veronica Tshangana
Veronica Tshangana moved to Durban from the Eastern Cape to find a job and was hired as a credit controller in 1995. However, she has been unable to find an affordable house to buy. Veronica says she is grateful for the opportunity to own her own home in a safe neighborhood for her children

Walter Buthelezi
Originally from Sabisa, a town in the northern part of the KwaZulu Natal province, Walter Buthelezi moved to Durban to seek employment. He currently works as a tool setter. He looks forward to bringing his children and his father to Durban to live together as family

Yakhani Mnyandu
In 1995, Yakhani Mnyandu started his own ministry, and today he is employed as a church pastor. Married with two children, Yakhani is also studying at a local university to become a fashion designer

Zamukulunga Gege
Zamukulunga Gege is a car body repairman, and his wife is a domestic worker. Zamukulunga takes pride in his family, and the thought of his two children living in a safe and decent house is a joy to him.

Zanele Memela
When she completed school, Zanele Memela moved to Durban and considers herself lucky to have found work. She lives with her mother and two children in a small “bachelor flat” which is crowded and in poor condition. Nonetheless, the rent is high. Zanele says she looks forward to owning her house in decent surroundings.


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