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Future homeowner Beverly Tucker, left, and Robyn Curtis, of Nooksack, Wash., check the level of a wall at house #39. Tucker is the niece of long time JCWP volunteer Willie Wilkerson.
‘A place to come home to’
By Shawn Reeves

For 14 years, Beverly Tucker lived in a small two-bedroom apartment with her son Brent, 15, and daughter Renee, 21. They had hardly enough room to tie their shoes, but that will change in a few days when the family moves into its three-bedroom Habitat house sponsored by the Crane Family Foundation in Valdosta.

Beverly says that while the reality of a new home built during the Jimmy Carter Work Project didn’t strike her until a few days ago, her excitement is difficult to measure. Brent is so excited, she says, that he got a puppy—his first ever, though he’s always wanted one.

Not only will the new house provide each of the Tuckers his or her own bedroom and some much-welcomed privacy, but the payments will be lower than what she’s paid the last decade and a half.

“It’s going to be more affordable,” she says, “and it will be nice just to be in a close community where friends can come visit. All these people coming together like this really shows how people care about others and how they want to help others help themselves.”

Beverly says she already has met a number of her soon-to-be neighbors and looks forward to getting to know them better in the coming weeks, months and years.

“It’ll be nice, too, for the kids to always have something they can come home to,” she says.

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