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Homeowner Sandy Sedano works at New Community Church and has two teen-age sons.
Homeowner’s wish for volunteers:
‘May God bless them abundantly'
By Rebekah Daniel

“I don’t want to put my tools away. I’m having too much fun!”

Homeowner Sandy Sedano has good things to say about this week—the excitement of watching a house form before her eyes, the prospect of living in a decent, affordable house, the hard-working volunteers building her house.

Especially the hard-working volunteers.

“I really want them to understand what they’re doing,” she says. “I don’t know what brings them here half the time, but I want them to understand the impact they have on all of us. I want God to bless them abundantly.”

Sandy and her two teen-age sons will live in House #18, a three-bedroom house with oatmeal-colored siding near the front of the subdivision. Providing a good home for her sons is a priority and one of the most challenging things she’s done, she says.

Another challenging task has been to build a whole house in a week. Between working on site every day and keeping up with normal “Mom” activities, there is little time for rest. In the future, however, she might even be able to squeeze in time for a new hobby.

“I know I want to have my own garden,” she says. “I’m not gifted in that, but now I can practice.”

Through all the craziness of an action-packed week, Sandy’s faith is keeping her on track. Yesterday, a reporter remarked to her that “this is your day.” Sandy had to disagree, she says.

“This is not about me,” she says. “It’s not about Carter. This is about glorifying God.”

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