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Anniston, Ala. Families

Bernekia Stanford-Bernekia and her three children, Quinesian, 12, Kierra, 11, and Xerxes, 6, live in a small, crowded house with nowhere safe for the children to play. She is employed with the Anniston School System as a substitute teacher and is pursuing a degree at Ayers State Technical College in early childhood development.

Veroneca Caver-Veroneca and her two children, Carmen, 17, and Darrin, 5, live in a very old, substandard house owned by family members. Veroneca is a CNA at Beverly Health Care.

Kenny and Lolita Patton-Kenny and Lolita and their two children, Jabrel, 9, and LaKendria, 8, live in an older two-bedroom house on a corner lot with heavy traffic and no safe place for the children to play. There is an inadequate and expensive heating system, and the floors are weak. Kenny works with TapeCraft, and Lolita is employed at ITC DeltaCom.

Princie Couch-Princie, her daughter Andrea and two small grandchildren, Azaria and Morris, live in a small two-bedroom house with cracks throughout and severe plumbing problems. There is also heavy crime in the area. Princie works at TCRC.

Beatrice Henderson-Beatrice, her son Raschau, and grandchild Kanadre, 1, live with Bea's mother and other extended family members; there are nine people in a three-bedroom house. Bea works at Stringfellow Hospital.

Sherry Lynch-Sherry lives in an older house with structural problems, including weak floors. She pays extremely high utility bills because of the inadequate heating system. Sherry works at Ryan's Steakhouse.

Lela Chatman-Lela lives in public housing in an area unsafe due to drugs and violent crime. Lela does not go out at night because she feels threatened by the activity. She works with Second Chance.

Jonell Gorman-Jonell and her severely handicapped 35-year-old son, Christopher, live in a house that is not suitable for Chris. Chris has cerebral palsy, is confined to a wheelchair, is deaf and cannot talk. His wheelchair does not fit through the doorways, making it impossible to move Chris around. He cannot get into the bathroom for using the toilet or for taking baths. Chris also cannot get outside, so Jonell has to stay home with him all the time unless she can get a sitter. Jonell receives a Navy pension and Christopher's Social Security.

Robin Gunn-Robin and her daughter Jahyria, 6, live in a family-owned house that is very old with a leaky roof, weak structure and rotting floors. Robin works at Stringfellow Hospital and Gentiva Home Health Care.

Misty Howell-Misty and her two children, Caleb, 5, and Catelyn, 3, live in a mobile home that is in poor condition. The lot Misty rents has piles of garbage and construction debris, and it is plagued with rats. The septic tank is not hooked up. Misty works at Northeast Alabama Regional Medical Center as an op room technician.

Narda Christian-Narda and her son Tevin, 12, live with her mother and grandmother because of a fire in her apartment complex that destroyed her unit. Narda is a data specialist at the AIDS Services Center.

Rinique Simmons-Rinique and her two children, Tomaree, 11, and Gerald, 4, live in a small twobedroom house with multiple structural problems and in an area with high drug and crime activity. Tomaree is autistic. Rinique is employed at Colonial Bank.

Charlene Kincaid-Charlene and her two children, Donarius, 17, and Daryl, 13, live in an apartment complex next to a railroad track. Charlene pays more than she can afford since her ex-husband stopped paying child support. She works at Anniston Sportswear.

Kim Bradford-Kim and her two children, Krystal, 12, and Rydrecus, 25, live in government-assisted housing. There is a lot of traffic in this area. Rydrecus attends school at the Jobs Training Program (Action Industries). Kim is employed at JC Penney. Brenda Miller-Brenda and her daughter, Brittany, 11, lived with her mother and four others in a two-bedroom apartment until they found another apartment to move into; however, they can no longer afford it and would have to move to an unsafe area. Brenda is employed by Riteway.

Sophia Brown-Sophia and her son, Deantrell, 6, live in public housing in an area plagued with drugs, guns and gang fights. Both Sophia and Deantrell receive SSI. Sophia lived in foster care most of her life until her foster mother passed away two years ago. Sophia has many friends at the Family Services Center and the Department of Human Resources.

Da'wn Williams-Da'wn and her three daughters -TaJocelyn, 15; Desmone, 13; and Takeya, 9-live in public housing. The area has become increasingly dangerous over the past few years. Da'wn works at Wal-Mart.

Lisa Cribbs-Lisa and her two daughters, Jennifer, 15, and Jade, 10, live in a mobile home that has multiple problems including an inadequate heating system, rotting floors and a faulty water heater. Lisa works at General Dynamics.

Brandy Thompson-Brandy lives in public housing in a neighborhood considered a high-crime area. She is afraid to leave the apartment after dark. Brandy works at the Opportunity Center.

Valerie Roberts-Valerie and her six children- Latora, 18; Akela, 17; Artemis, 15; TiWynn, 13; Connieya, 3; and Alierra, 1-live in a three-bedroom home. The house is infested with squirrels in the attic and has a leaky roof. Valerie works at Westinghouse as a driver/custodian.

Jeannette Ingram-Jeannette and her son Randee, 13, live with her sister and her family of four in a small three-bedroom house. The conditions are overcrowded and lack privacy. Jeannette is employed at Hunjan International.

Artis and Sonya Matthews-Artis, Sonya and their son, Quartis, 3, live with Artis' family. Quartis has mild cerebral palsy. Sonya works at Anniston Chevron, and Artis works at Tyson Foods.

Jeanise Ross-Jeanise and her daughter Janizia, 2, live with her grandmother and two uncles. Jeanise is employed at the Calhoun Cleburne Mental Health Center as a rehab assistant.

Terris and Katina Prince-Terriss and Katina and their two children, Tierra, 8, and Tamera, 4, live in public housing in a two-floor unit. Katina has health problems and is no longer able to go up and down the stairs. Terriss is employed with the City of Oxford.

LaShevia Gaddis-LaShevia and her two children, Destiny, 6, and Devan, 4, live in public housing in an area overrun by drugs. LaShevia is employed at SuperMart BP.

Lakesia Hawkins-Lakesia and her daughter Kiara, 6, live in a four-plex in an area surrounded by drugs. Their heat is provided by space heaters. Lakesia is employed by Wendy's.

Virginia Bates-Virginia and her daughter Nateisha, 10, live in government-assisted housing. Virginia has recently received letters notifying her that sex offenders have moved into the complex and nearby neighborhoods. Virginia is employed at ITC DeltaCom.

Karen Burgin-Karen and her son Isaiah, 10, live in a high-crime area, and Isaiah is not allowed to play outside. Karen works at Federal Mogul.

LaKeitha Jones-LaKeitha and her daughter, Jada, live in an area of drug activity. Jada has severe asthma aggravated by the conditions of the house. LaKeitha is employed by MAT Industries.

Joey Brown-Joey has been living with family and friends since March 2002. The place where he is currently staying has multiple structural and heating problems, leading to high utility bills. Joey is employed at Food World.

Jermarale McGhee-Jermarale and his son, Jaquaveon, live with his parents and three other family members in a 2-bedroom house. He works with General Dynamics.

Jacqueline Bailey-Jacqueline and her three children-Cedric, 10; Shontria, 12; and Scottie, 7-live in an older home with faulty wiring, sagging floors, cracks in the plaster walls and a leaky roof. Jacqueline works with General Dynamics.

Corie and Shareka Ramsey-Corie and Shareka and their three children-Shacoria, 8; Sierra, 5; and Corey Jr., 4-live in an area where crime is a growing problem. Their rental house has many structural problems and is infested with vermin. Corie is employed at SuperValu Foods, and Shareka works at Food Outlet.

Frances Curry-Frances and her two children, Kevin, 21, and Rena, 12, live in an older house with various structural problems. The neighborhood is not safe. Frances is employed at Constantine Elementary School.

Rae Bradford-Rae and her daughter TeKoreia, 13, live in an older house with multiple structural problems. Rae is an embroidery technician at Auto Custom Carpets.

Edna Mae Yates-Edna lives in a duplex that has been condemned by the city because of structural problems. At age 75, she receives Social Security and is also employed at Regional Medical Center.

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