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Lagrange, Ga. Families

Karen Camp--Karen is a single mother of three--Jessica, Bobby and Laura. Karen has been disabled since 1984. She looks forward to not paying high rent and to having a larger home for her family.

Larry and Stephanie Camp
--Larry and Stephanie have been struggling to provide a safe environment for their two children the past few years. When Larry lost his job it took a while for him to find another that would provide enough income to support his family. Their children, Bethany and Christopher, are excited about having a new home. Stephanie truly believes that God is working for her family.

Kathy Cartwright
--Kathy has worked at Corley Drugs for the past two years. Currently, Kathy and her twins, Charity and Chaz, share a two-bedroom trailer that is in need of repair. Kathy can hardly wait to decorate her kitchen in a sunflower motif.

Hugh Davidson
--Hugh is the father of eight children, ranging in age from 17 to 1: Young, 17;Brittany, 14; Corbi, 12; Immanuel, 10; Hugh, 6;HuDarrius, 5; Huzavier, 4; and Hughston, 1.Hugh and his children have been living with friends and family since their trailer burned. Hugh works at Wal-Mart and eagerly accepts any overtime he can to support his family.

Tim and Amy Flanagan
--Tim is employed with West Point Stevens. Tim, Amy and their three children--Jared, 5, Tyler, 4, and Alissa, 1--live with Tim’s parents. The home is very overcrowded.

Tonya Gay
--Tonya is a caregiver at a personal care home. She has three children: Michael, 7;Hailey, 4; and Steven, 8 months. They live in a trailer in very poor condition. When it rains, water leaks through the front and back doors. The children love to play outside, but the yard has deep holes, is overgrown with weeds and is unsafe. They look forward to having a park near their new house where they can play with new friends.

Jeffrey and Linda Harris--Jeffrey and Linda have three children: Shamonica, 11, Savon, 9, and Jazerion, 3. Jeffrey works at West Point Stevens. The house they currently rent is in a high-crime neighborhood. The house has no closets, and there are holes in the floor. They are working hard to have a home of their own that is safe and comfortable. “We’re going home with Habitat,” Linda tells her kids.

Jeffery and Angela Hearn--In December 2000Angela was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Jeffrey has scoliosis, which prevents him from working. They have a son, Quentavious, 9, and a daughter, Tychena, 5. The Hearns currently live in a cramped two-bedroom house. Angela says that to have a new house is like a dream come true.

Shanova Johnson--Shanova is working on getting her high school diploma. She plans to graduate in May. She is the mother of four children: Franderrick,9; Niketa, 8; Keith, 6; and Brenautica, 1. Shanova wants her children to have a home that is larger so they do not all have to sleep in one bedroom.

Mary Jones
--Mary has worked for Interface Flooring for 13 years. Mary’s mother and her sonJeremy,5, live with her. Mary is pleased to have the opportunity to have a Habitat for Humanity house with affordable monthly payments. Jeremy looks forward to having playmates in his new neighborhood.

Rebecca Lucas--Rebecca’s first child was born in December. She has worked hard to receive her GED. She plans to continue her education in the nursing field. She wants to find good employment to support herself and her son, Ethan. Rebecca is excited about having a home and being part of a community.

Regina Norris
--Regina is excited about having separate bedrooms for her family, since they all currently sleep in one room. Her children, 2-year-oldDestiny and 3-year-old Adrian, love Scooby-Doo, and Regina plans to decorate their bedrooms with Scooby accessories. She works for Federal Mogul.

Hugo Oropeza and Sandra Pulido
--Hugo is a Hispanic minister in LaGrange. Sandra is a Spanish interpreter at the LaGrange Health Department. They have two sons, David, 3, and Daniel, 1 month. Hugo and Sandra are willing to help their neighbors improve the life in this new community. Hugo will serve as leader of the Community Association.

Geralyn Porter
--Gerri has three beautiful daughters. The oldest, Stephanie, attends Columbus State University. Carla, 17, has cancer and is under care at St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. Rebecca, 15, is a student at Troup High School. Gerri has worked for the Milliken Design Center for four years. The family currently lives in poor and unhealthy conditions. They look forward to living in a safe and comfortable home of their own.

Tika Russell
--Tika and her son, TeShawn, 2,currently live with her parents. Tika looks forward to the day she will move into her own house. She works as a teacher’s assistant with the Headstart program in LaGrange, and she is working toward her degree to become a teacher.

Sandra Sedano--Sandra has two sons, Andrew,16, and Ethan, 12. She is employed at New Community Church. The trailer where they currently live is in deplorable condition. She anxiously awaits move-in day.

Stanley and Jacqueline Shepherd--Stanley and Jacqueline have five adorable children: Niasia, 9;Elisha, 5; Joshua, 3; Samuel, 2; and Nasia, 5months. Their current situation--no gas heat and no air conditioning--poses health problems for the children, who have asthma. Stanley is pleased to be able to provide a home and a healthier environment for his family. They thank God for the blessing of Habitat for Humanity.

David and Susan Shore--David and Susan live in a very old, rundown house with no heat. They have not been able to secure a loan from a regular mortgage company or bank, so they are delighted that Habitat is providing them the opportunity to purchase a home. David, who works for a local builder, is anxious to start building on their home. Their teen-age son, Christopher, will live with them. Susan thanks God every day for the miracle of owning a home.

Evelyn Williams--Evelyn is the mother of two children. The apartment they share is in decent condition, but Evelyn needs a home that will provide for the special needs of her son, Kevin, who sustained debilitating injuries in an accident when he saved the life of a young child but was permanently injured himself.

Tina Williams--Tina is the single mother of two boys, Lucious and Myleto. Tina and her sons are currently living with her aunt and two nieces in a three-bedroom house. “Overcrowded conditions” is an understatement. The boys look forward to having a bedroom of their own.

Cadelia Woods--Cadelia is a devoted mom to her2-year-old son, Kaorii. She works at Pathways, a mental health and detox facility. She wants to provide a safe home for her son.

Rebecca Yearta--Rebecca is living in Hogansville with her sons. Rebecca’s health condition limits her ability to function and to drive a car. She looks forward to living in LaGrange where she will be close to stores. Rebecca wants her sons, Earnest and Johnathan, to be able to live in a neighborhood that is not overrun with drugs and crime.

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