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Jimmy Carter Work Project 2003
Meet the Simmons Family

'You Want to Come Home to a Nice Place'
Proud new homeowner Rinique Simmons proudly displays pictures of her children in her former home.

When Rinique Simmon’s 4-year-old son Gerald asked if he could paint his room a bright color, Rinique replied, “You can do whatever you want to. Just keep it clean!”

Rinique’s family just completed their new house in partnership with Habitat for Humanity through the 2003 Jimmy Carter Work Project.

"I get to own my own home. I'm not paying rent --I'm paying a mortgage now," Rinique said as her house neared completion.

It is the simplest of things that Rinique looks most forward to as she prepares to move. “I can paint my room any color I want. I can plant any flowers I choose,” she said. “And I can keep it up, you know, the way I want to. I like nice things. I think everyone does. And when you work hard…you want to enjoy things. You want to come home to a nice place.”

Homeowner of house #15 (the Carter house) Rinique Simmons and the former first lady of Alabama Lori Siegleman cut a piece of vinyl siding molding.
Though the 2003 Jimmy Carter Work Project in Anniston, Ala., and LaGrange and Valdosta, Ga., has come to a close, plans are already well under way for next year's JCWP in Mexico. As always, we appreciate
your support in making homeownership a reality for families in need.

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