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House Has Value for Family Now and in the Future

"What do you like best about working on the site?"

"The food," laugh Rosi, 20, and Dulce, 19, typical university students. Rosi is studying graphic design; Dulce studies accounting.

For the past several months, however, both girls have had another responsibility in addition to their studies: helping their mother, Patricia Gloria Flores, complete sweat-equity hours for their new house in Puebla.

The girls admit it has been hard to find time to do everything, but it has been worth it. "We can set up the new house the way we want," says Dulce, "and the money we put into it is not wasted, it's an investment." The family currently lives in a small apartment for which they pay 1,500 pesos (approximately US$150) per month. Their Habitat house payments will be significantly lower, a blessing for Patricia, who supports herself and her daughters as a door-to-door salesperson of magnets and hair accessories.

Building their own house also has a sentimental value for the women. "I'll be in this house one day with my grandchildren," Dulce says, "and I can tell them I helped build it."

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