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Building Houses, Building Confidence

Honoria works on building her Habitat house.

By Heather Wilkinson

“No one would give us credit for a house,” says Honoria Corona Geniz. However, her 6-year-old son motivated her to continue looking for a way to buy a home. This single mother who works as a domestic employee found the help she needed in Habitat for Humanity. Honoria’s son continues to be her inspiration as she works on her Habitat house. “When I get home from the build site I’m all dirty, but he gives me a hug anyway.”

“I never imagined that I could build a home with my own hands. I’ve achieved the impossible,” says Honoria. She adds that the Habitat experience has been life-changing. “I’ve changed a lot,” she says. “I’ve achieved a lot although I don’t have formal training. Before working with Habitat I was very rebellious and disrespectful. However, the training has been great. I’ve learned to have more patience and to be more responsible.”

Habitat homeowners not only benefit from the stability of owning a home but also gain confidence through working on their home. “Participating in the house-building process has been an opportunity to show that single moms can get ahead. At first the construction was really difficult for me. Now I’d like to help more families build a home of their own,” she says.

In addition to providing a safe, decent home for her son, working with Habitat has also restored Honoria’s faith in humanity. “The Habitat experience has made me realize that there are people out there who are willing to help you without asking anything in return,” she says. “I’m thankful to all the people who helped to make this happen.”

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