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Habitat Brings Hope to Families in Veracruz

Alfredo Morales Rosas works on his new Habitat house.

By Heather Wilkinson

Celsa Cris�stomo Lira and her husband Alfredo Morales Rosas had lost all hope of ever owning a home of their own. “My husband drives a taxi,” she says. “On his salary, we could not afford to buy a home.” However, the family’s hope was restored when they were selected to become a Habitat for Humanity partner family. “From the very beginning, I felt that there was something special about Habitat,” she remembers.

Celsa’s three children — 7-year old Eli�cer, 5-year-old Montserrat and 3-year-old Esteban — are particularly excited about the new house. “Although they are not old enough to help, they understand that we are building a home for our family and have been telling everyone about it. Seeing them so happy is a joy for us as parents.”

A Habitat house is about much more than a roof overhead. Homeownership provides stability and strengthens families. Celsa says that she and her husband are relieved to move out of their rental house. “Our rent is really high and when you least expect it the landlord can ask you to move. This has happened to us many times. We haven’t been able to settle in one place. But we won’t have to move anymore. We will finally have our own home.”

Working with Habitat has been a lesson in giving and receiving for Celsa and her family. “Working with the other partner families has been wonderful. Through Habitat we have learned about sharing and our faith in God has increased. Before becoming involved in this project we weren’t as close as a family.”

For Celsa and her family, the Habitat experience reaches beyond the build site. “Working on this project has been incredible. I am extremely grateful to Habitat and hope that I have the chance to share what I have learned with other families.”

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