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'We Have to Start Believing'

Cecilia mixes mortar for her house in Puebla.

Cecilia had lost money to fraudulent businesses and organizations in the past, and her children thought Habitat would be no exception.

But the family went to the orientation meetings and started to learn more; they read the Bible with other prospective homeowners and Habitat staff members—they did start to believe.

The entire process of partnering with Habitat for Humanity has been good for Cecilia and her daughters. Cecilia says they have all learned about themselves and about the beauty of other people; they have learned to live with others and to appreciate everyone's individuality. It has been a journey within herself, Cecilia says, and one which she has enjoyed.

Cecilia feels that her partnership with Habitat for Humanity has all been part of God's plan, and she believes that plan is clearer to her after this week of building, growing and learning together. Beyond the dedication of her own house—House #15 sponsored by the Valley of the Sun Habitat for Humanity affiliate in Phoenix, Arizona, USA—Cecilia hopes that projects like this one will continue in other places, where other people need help.

As for the volunteers who have participated in this project, Cecilia says: "God bless and keep them."

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