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JCWP 2004


JCWP 2004 Brings Friends Together

A group of Habitat for Humanity volunteers shows a photo of Nick Storrs that they keep with them at the build site. Nick was recently diagnosed with cancer and could not attend the event.

By Heather Wilkinson

Since 2001 a group of Rotarians from Central Massachusetts have been working with the Los Tuxtlas affiliate in the state of Veracruz. They worked with the local people to build a block factory. After finishing this year’s Jimmy Carter Work Project, the group will travel to Los Tuxtlas to visit the community again.

“We truly bonded with the community. It didn’t make a difference that we didn’t speak the same language,” says Dick Manelis, the group’s leader and a former Rotary Club district governor.

Shortly before leaving for the JCWP in Veracruz this year, one of the group’s members — long-time Habitat volunteer Nick Storrs —was diagnosed with cancer. Although Nick was unable to participate, he made it possible for someone else to attend the event by donating his spot on the team.

Even though Nick could not be in Veracruz in person, the group has made it a point to involve him in the event. “We’ve included him emotionally in the project,” says Dick. “We have e-mailed him about the progress we are making here. We have 18 people in our group; we consider him our 19th member.”

Some of the team’s other members include Lynn Sarao, Angela Wallace, Catherine Marlborough and Robert Mailloux.

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