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Little things mean a lot to Monroe homeowner

'I wish God would bless each and every one of them'

Homeowner encourages others to get involved with Habitat

Homeowner prays for blessings upon volunteers, Habitat

Homeowner looks forward to peace and quiet

Realizing the American dream

Working with volunteers is an inspiration

'No one is a stranger'

'This house will have history behind it'

'Anything is possible'

Moving into the 'house of love'

'Everybody benefits, nobody loses'

Habitat house will remind homeowner she has 'other things to climb toward'

Homeowner believes new Habitat houses will inspire others to care for their properties

In her own words: Grand Rapids homeowner shares thoughts on building and sharing

A place to be settled

Sidewalk chalk is allowed

Putting life back in the neighborhood

Building her own future

Meeting volunteers is best part of build for homeowner

'I know God will bless you'

'It's an amazing feeling—and it's ours!'

Homeowner urges continued help

Homeowner changes misconceptions about Habitat

'This is a new start for us'

'It's important to be a part of a community'

A new window on the world

Detroit homeowner culminates 'year of rebuilding'

Homeowner says volunteers embody spirit of love and giving

Benton Harbor homeowner looks forward to safer, warmer surroundings

Taking care of each other

Hard work will soon pay off for Benton Harbor homeowner

Building things up

From Fruits of the Field to Fruits of Their Labor

Eugene (Neal) and Michele Hughley smile in front of their house, designated the 100,001st house built by Habitat for Humanity. (Jimmy Carter Work Project, 2000)

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