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'I wish God would bless each and every one of them'

“God bless Jimmy Carter,” says Cora Taylor.

Cora will soon be moving into her house on Thresher Avenue in Benton Harbor, along with her husband Robert and their five children.

Bron Kram of Green Haven, Mich., is just one of many volunteers Cora Taylor (right) had the opportunity to work with during the Jimmy Carter Work Project.


The Taylors currently live just across the street from the Habitat house they have been working so hard to complete this week. The old home is in poor condition, so the new house, with its neatly landscaped lawn, fresh coats of paint, and secure doors and windows, will provide them some long-awaited comfort.

“It’s a good deal they offer,” Cora says of Habitat, “a good deal for the community.” She believes the Jimmy Carter Work Project is an important first step toward revitalizing her neighborhood: Some residents, perhaps those who have been watching the week’s construction with interest, might be inspired to apply to become a Habitat homeowner. Others will now have a reason to take care of their homes and yards—to take pride in what they own.

Cora credits her crew of volunteers with the speed and solidness with which her family’s new house has been constructed. The team has also shown its true Habitat spirit in the spontaneous acts of love it has showered on the family. In addition to giving a week of their time and much sweat and effort, the volunteers chipped in to buy a tree for the front yard as well as an extra set of shutters for the kitchen window.

According to the Taylors’ volunteer crew, the family has worked with incredible determination to complete their house.

“These are the hardest working homeowners!” says Carol Callahan, a construction volunteer from Ohio.

“I really can’t believe they gave up their time, their vacations with their families for this,” Cora says of her volunteers. “It’s very touching. I wish God would bless each and every one of them.”

Emily Koon, Writer/Editor, Habitat for Humanity International

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