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'Anything is possible'

For Rochanda Greer, becoming a homeowner isn’t just about owning something—it’s about appreciating what she owns because she and her family helped build it. She has had her family’s help all week—her son Commonde, and even a niece, nephew and cousins.

Rochanda Greer puts siding on her new house. She cannot wait to instill values that go along with owning your own home in her children.

Rochanda lives with her three children in a congested area of Benton Harbor, Mich. She is looking forward to having a safe street for the children to play on and, perhaps just as importantly, for the chance to instill a certain set of values that only comes with ownership.

“Owning something and renting something, they’re two different things,” she says. “I want my kids to see that there are different values with that sense of ownership.”

Rochanda is focused on keeping her family connected. Her new home will help her do this: She says that she and her children will choose a project related to their home each year to “keep the family growing.” This year she will work on getting central air in the house, and then she hopes to think about landscaping. This will be her way of showing the children the kind of pride they can take in something that is theirs.

“I want my kids to know that anything is possible, that they can keep going after their dreams. Like me—I’m a single mom, and now I’m a homeowner!”

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