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Homeowner looks forward to peace and quiet

Audrey Hardwell looks forward to the peace and quiet of owning a home. She currently lives in a two-family flat with her four children. She and her daughter share the living room and her three young sons share the bedroom. The neighbors make a lot of noise, which can make it hard to relax. “It will be nice to come home to peace and quiet,” she says.

Labor on the build site is all worth it for Audrey Hardwell, who looks forward to the peace and quiet her new Habitat home will bring.

Audrey’s children are also eager to move into their new home. Audrey brought them by the construction site this week to show them the progress on the house. “I showed them where their rooms were going to be,” she says. “They ran from one room to another.”

Building with volunteers she didn’t know just a week before has been a moving experience for Audrey. “I just love these guys,” she says. “They are doing so much for me and my children and they don’t even know me.”

Although the build is drawing to a close, Audrey still finds it hard to believe that she will soon be living in her own home. “It’s overwhelming,” she says. “The first day just seeing the home go up, and then walking down my front steps—I almost cried.”

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