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A place to be settled

"We've moved around a lot."

Roslynn Williams works sweat-equity hours clearing a site in April. In June, at the conclusion of the work project, she and her family can finally be settled in their own home.

That's what every member of the Williams family said—Roslynn and David and their three children, Ka'Mesha, 15; Ki'Arra, 12; and Ke'Onte, 11. They are happy that their new Habitat house in Saginaw, Mich., will be a place to settle in permanently.

The family had been living in Roslynn's father's home, but a house fire destroyed it. The family moved around several times, in and out of government-assisted housing, where they did not feel safe. "There's always chaos," Roslynn says, mentioning that the police were in their current complex before 8 a.m. that morning.

"I respect this neighborhood," says Ki'Arra of the community where their Habitat home is being built. "It's quiet and there's not a lot of trouble.

"In our neighborhood now, there's shooting, too many people getting killed. We don't want to be next."

"It's like my life is starting over again," says Ke'Onte.

All three Williams children are excited about having their own rooms, their own space. Ke'Onte plans to paint his room red, his favorite color, and spend time reading history and biography books and practicing the trumpet in there—"away from [his] sisters."

Ki'Arra, who aspires to go to Julliard, will practice dancing in her new room. Ka'Mesha says she has helped many of her friends decorate their bedrooms, and now she'll have a chance to put her creativity to work in her own. "I like a lot of color," she says. "I like to create!"

"Being included in the blitz is a tremendous honor," says Roslynn. "We thank Habitat and all of the volunteers very much for the time and effort they've given to complete our home."

"I truly applaud [Habitat]," David adds, "for helping low-income people who want to become homeowners."

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