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'It's an amazing feeling—and it's ours!'

There is a skating park just behind the subsidized housing where Susanne Hiller lives with her three children. Day and night, skateboarders and rollerbladers jump and do tricks. “The noise, the language,” Sue says. “It will be nice to have some control over the people in your backyard!”

Sue Hiller's children—Allie, Dakota and Tanner—will have the opportunity to grow up in a home of their own, thanks to Habitat.

Sue and her children—Allie, 14; Dakota, 10; and Tanner, 7—will move into their Habitat house in Cheboygan, Mich., after this year’s Jimmy Carter Work Project.

Sue admits she had never helped build a house before, but she has enjoyed the experience thoroughly. She has also helped with fund-raisers and publicity events for the affiliate, and she says it is nice to be able to support the organization that has helped her and her family so much.

“I never imagined having a house,” Sue says. She is excited that they will have a home of their own for Allie, now a freshman in high school, eventually to have her graduation party at. “We’ve been renting since she was a baby,” Sue explains.

“Sometimes I go there, just to stand in it,” Sue says of her under-construction house. “It’s fun to be there by myself and look around and see everything and think about it.

“It’s an amazing feeling—and it’s ours!”

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